Arranged Marriage Investigation

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and naturally, you desire the best for your child.

Arranged Marriage Investigation

Somerset Private Investigations is a leader in individualised surveillance. Whether it’s tracking on foot or tailing vehicles, our team consists of seasoned professionals from either military or police backgrounds. Every operative, be it male or female, approaches each case with a high degree of dedication, discretion, and respect.

Peace of mind for your child’s future

Marriage is a lifelong commitment, and you naturally want nothing but the best for your son or daughter. Ensuring that they have chosen the right partner goes beyond fleeting meetings or relying solely on a matchmaker’s recommendation. This is where the expertise of Somerset Private Investigations can be invaluable. Allow us to provide the peace of mind and certainty that the future wellbeing and happiness of your child is secure. Our surveillance specialisation, backed by our skilled team which includes female operatives for sensitive scenarios, ensures a comprehensive investigation.

Initiating the process

The first step involves an in-person meeting, either at our Somerset office or a location where you feel at ease, such as a café. In this meeting, we will listen to your concerns and the reasons for seeking our services. Our goal is to understand the full context and all the individuals involved so we can offer the most effective strategy. This consultation typically lasts about an hour and is free of charge.

What do I receive at the end of the arranged marriage investigation?

Post our initial consultation, within a few days, we present a detailed action plan for your review. This plan outlines our strategy to uncover the truth and address your concerns.

How much does an arranged marriage investigation cost?

The action plan will include an estimated duration and the anticipated costs. Remember, no steps are taken without your agreement on both the plan and its associated costs. Our standard rate stands at £85.00 per hour for each investigator, in addition to any expenses incurred.

Henry from Weston-super-Mare

Having an only child, our son was the centrepiece of our world, and we wanted nothing but the best for him. The thought of initiating a prenuptial investigation initially filled me with guilt, but the unparalleled discretion and professionalism exhibited by Somerset Private Investigations reassured me that we made the right decision. Fast forward to a beautiful wedding and three blissful years later, our son couldn’t be happier, and neither could we. So when you reached out last week requesting a testimonial, I was eager to share our positive experience. Our deepest gratitude, Mike.


Secure peace of mind today

Ensure your child’s future happiness is safeguarded. Reach out to us today and set up a meeting at our Somerset office or choose a location that suits your convenience and comfort.