Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Efficiently and discreetly track the whereabouts of your vehicles and staff nationwide.

Commercial Vehicle Tracking

Boasting a broad depth of expertise, Somerset Private Investigations seamlessly merges our top-tier vehicle tracking with on-ground surveillance. This allows us to efficiently monitor any individual’s movement across the UK, round the clock, every single day.

Acquire the verifiable evidence you deserve

Our foundation is built upon the pillars of surveillance. Our dedication to manned surveillance ensures you have access to tangible evidence, offering clarity and actionable insights. This positions you to confront the investigation’s subject with undeniable facts or even present your irrefutable evidence in a legal setting, ensuring justice prevails.

What do you need from me to get started?

Our vehicle trackers are ingeniously designed – compact and inconspicuous. They can be artfully placed in the most discreet of spots. With no structural modifications or harm to the vehicle, our trackers relay real-time data for a span of 7-10 days, proving ideal for extended journeys. Collaborating closely with you, we’ll decide on an optimal time and spot for device installation. Harnessing the expertise of our team, who are well-versed with an array of vehicle makes and models, the tracker is placed in an optimal spot to remain undetected. For a holistic surveillance strategy, we endorse our GPS vehicle tracking in tandem with all our surveillance offerings. An added perk is the notable cost-saving on manual surveillance with our trackers in play.

How long do vehicle trackers take before showing accurate readings?

Our catalogue includes trackers for both lease and purchase, promising pinpoint accuracy. Their battery endurance spans from 7 days to a staggering 6 months without any need for recharging or replacements. Opt for a DIY installation or lean on our team. Owing to their magnetic nature and being encased in stealthy waterproof containers, installation is a breeze.

What do I receive at the end of the tracking period?

Somerset Private Investigations’ tracking suite is a beacon of efficiency, assuring consistent monitoring of an individual’s location and routines, every moment of every day. Our trackers provide an unobtrusive means to oversee your fleet and personnel, ensuring you receive unmatched value and peace of mind. We equip you with a comprehensive report detailing all movements, delivered at intervals that align with your preference.

How much does commercial vehicle tracking cost?

For tracker fitting and removal (typically executed in the early hours between 3 – 5:00 AM):

£149.00 (£74.50 x 2) followed by £35.00 daily, subject to a 4-day minimum commitment.

Jason from Taunton (Delivery Fulfilment Company)

Our team members have clear contractual guidelines prohibiting the private use of their vans. This measure was adopted to safeguard the equipment inside, stemming from a past issue with regular break-ins, and to manage fuel expenditures and lease costs more efficiently. When discrepancies arose in the mileage and fuel costs of one of our drivers compared to their peers, we confronted them. Their adamant denials were met with a precise map showcasing locations, times, and even postcodes of their private detours. This evidence streamlined our decision-making process, saving us significant resources and unnecessary stress. Instead of terminating the driver’s contract – given their overall satisfactory performance – we maintained the tracker for a provisional six-month period to ensure adherence to our guidelines. A big shout out to Somerset Private Investigations for their invaluable assistance.

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