Corporate & Employee Investigations

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Corporate & Employee Investigations

Want a competitive advantage in your industry? Seeking insights into market dynamics? Or perhaps there’s specific information that seems elusive or inaccessible. That’s where OSINT shines.

Your gateway to invaluable insights

Information is abundant but finding the right details among the clutter can be a daunting task. With Somerset Private Investigations by your side, we ensure you don’t get lost in the overwhelming data maze. Our expertise not only locates the vital details you need but also uncovers insights you might think are securely hidden. For instance, even if you believe that email you sent is confidential, think again. Once it’s out in the digital realm, it can potentially be accessed.

What do you need from me to get started?

To kickstart the process, we require complete access to relevant parties and a thorough understanding of the online platforms either they or their organization utilise. If your needs are more extensive, such as entering new markets, we would need insights into your target markets and the key players there.

How long do corporate and employee Investigations take?

Timeliness is our forte. We typically generate a comprehensive report in a short span, recognising the essence of time in these situations.

What do I receive at the end of the corporate or employee Investigation?

While the deliverables depend on the initial mandate, rest assured, the insights we offer are deep, precise, and often beyond what you might achieve after months of independent research.

How much does a corporate or employee Investigation cost?

Given the niche expertise of OSINT and the proficiency required to navigate it effectively, the costs can vary. However, we encourage a direct conversation to understand your specific needs, post which we can provide a tailored estimate. Reach out, and let’s discuss how we can propel your endeavours forward.

Gareth from Glastonbury

It’s beyond me how they pieced it together, but Somerset Private Investigations worked their magic. Through email examinations, they unearthed that our primary rival for the bid had a cosy relationship with the procurement head responsible for approvals. They had intentions to rig the contract allocations. Thanks to this discovery, we managed to level the playing field by ensuring their exclusion from the bid, paving the way for a more equitable competition.

Ready to elevate your business?

If you’re looking to outpace your competitors or gain a deeper understanding of market dynamics, reach out to us. With our expertise and resources, we’ll ensure you get the precise insights you’re searching for. Connect with us today.