Corporate Investigations, Open Source Intelligence & (OSINT)

Are you looking to get a seek an advantage over your commercial rivals?

Corporate Investigations, Open Source Intelligence & (OSINT)

Seeking that competitive advantage in your industry? Require expert insight into market dynamics? Or perhaps there’s specific data you deem difficult or impossible to acquire. This is where OSINT can be instrumental.

Discover what’s hidden amongst the digital noise

The vast online space is cluttered with abundant and often irrelevant data that could obscure what you’re truly seeking. At Somerset Private Investigations, our expertise enables us to sift through this noise and locate the essential information. Think your emails are secure and confidential? Think again. Once it’s sent out into the digital realm, its status can shift to open source, making retrieval feasible.

What do you need from me to get started?

To embark on this, we require comprehensive access to the relevant entities and a clear understanding of the online platforms they or their institution utilise. For broader inquiries, please provide insight into the desired markets and the dominant players therein.

How long does a corporate investigation take?

Understanding the time-sensitivity in such endeavours, we aim to produce and deliver a report promptly.

What do I receive at the end of the corporate investigation?

While the exact nature of the outcome is dictated by the initial directive, our commitment is to offer you valuable and discerning data, the kind that would have eluded you despite prolonged efforts.

How much does a corporate investigation cost?

The prowess of OSINT is undeniable, and so is the expertise of professionals adept at harnessing its potential. To understand the investment required for this competitive advantage, start a conversation with us. After gauging your requirements, we’ll provide a tailored cost estimation.

Food Manufacturer in Taunton

It’s still a mystery to me how they managed to unearth the truth! Yet, with the expertise of Somerset Private Investigations, we discovered (via their emails) that our primary competitor for the bid was in cahoots with the procurement manager of the authorising authority. They were conspiring to manipulate the contract award process. Thankfully, with this evidence, the said competitor was disqualified from the bidding, ensuring a more equitable competition.

Ready to outpace your competitors and gain deeper insights into market dynamics?

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