Digital Forensic Investigator

If it’s accessible online, our dedicated team at Somerset Private Investigations will uncover it.

Digital Forensic Investigator

OSINT, standing for Open Sourced Intelligence, is a descriptor for information and data that can be obtained from ‘open’ or public channels, primarily online through the internet. Originally, the term’s roots trace back to the US military, which used OSINT to secure a strategic edge. On the other hand, SOCMINT, while similar, specifically pertains to gathering intelligence from social media platforms.

While the data we leverage to draft your report is freely and publicly accessible, gathering it requires intricate expertise. Locating the specific digital information among a vast online expanse demands a proficient command over online tools, procedures, and methodologies. Despite many claims in the market, only a few genuinely deliver. Our OSINT and SOCMINT specialists, besides their association with Somerset Private Investigations, have a history of freelance engagements with UK Law Enforcement units and HM Government departments.

Why do people hire digital forensic investigators?

A key edge of OSINT and SOCMINT over traditional investigative methods includes its cost-efficiency, expansive data range, and swift accessibility and collection. Catering to both business clients (who aim to safeguard against digital threats or acquire info aiding their forward strategy) and private individuals seeking clarity about specific individuals or scenarios, our team stands ready. If the information exists online, our experts at Somerset Private Investigations will track it down.

What do you need from me to get started on a digital forensic investigation?

While each case possesses its distinct nuances, general data we typically require for the onset of a digital investigation include potential usernames, professional affiliations of the subject, their social media affiliations or memberships, workplace, residence, and mobile phone details. If you’re uncertain about the specifics, we’re here to guide you.

How long does a digital forensic investigation take?

After we’ve aligned on the details and have your consent to move forward, you can expect an initial report within 7-10 business days. Subsequently, if needed, we’ll provide a comprehensive, court-ready forensic report online. Throughout, we’ll remain available to help you navigate your choices in leveraging this information.

What do I receive at the end of the digital forensic investigation?

As outlined earlier, post the digital forensic examination, you’ll be presented with an initial report within the first 7-10 business days. Following that, if necessary, we deliver a comprehensive court-approved forensic report.

How much does a digital forensic investigation cost?

A comprehensive OSINT or SOCMINT forensic analysis typically commences at approximately £750.

Rob & Teresa from Yeovil

We found ourselves in a family turmoil, desperately seeking answers. After enduring a prolonged period of misleading information, our pursuit for truth led us to Somerset Private Investigations. Their service was nothing short of exceptional! In a matter of days, they presented us with a comprehensive online and digital forensic report. Confronted with irrefutable evidence, (name/relationship withheld) had no choice but to confess. The journey, however, didn’t conclude there. The subsequent phase was riddled with obstacles, but with Somerset Private Investigation’s continued guidance and support, we navigated the challenges with significantly less hassle than anticipated. Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the dedicated team. I wholeheartedly endorse Somerset Private Investigations for their unwavering professionalism and compassionate approach.

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