Divorce and Separation

Divorce and separation can deeply erode one’s self-confidence, trust, and overall well-being.

Divorce and Separation

At Somerset Private Investigations, we are pioneers in tailored surveillance, whether it’s on foot or from one vehicle to another. Our team comprises seasoned professionals, predominantly from ex-forces and ex-police backgrounds, skilled in the nuances of discreet tradecraft. With a diverse team of both male and female operatives, we approach each divorce and separation case with utmost dedication, discretion, and respect.

Navigating the emotional terrain of divorce and separation

The emotional aftermath of divorce and separation can take a significant toll on one’s self-confidence, trust, and happiness. It’s a challenging phase that can be corrosive to all parties involved. Our commitment at Somerset Private Investigations is not just to provide you with the vital facts in a format that’s legally robust, but also to support and guide you during the subsequent steps, ensuring your decision-making is empowered and informed.

Making the first step

Initially, we’d like to get acquainted with your situation. We can convene at our Somerset office or another location that suits you – perhaps a quiet café. During this session, which is typically an hour long and comes at no charge, you’ll share the circumstances prompting your need for our services. Based on the details and individuals involved, we’ll then outline the most appropriate strategy for resolution.

Deliverables of a divorce and separation investigation

Post our initial conversation, and usually within a couple of days, we’ll present a structured tasking plan for your review. This document details our proposed approach to unearth the truth and address your concerns.

How much does a divorce and separation investigation cost?

The draft tasking plan will incorporate a projection of the required hours and the associated expenses. It’s crucial to note that we only proceed once we have mutual consensus on the plan and the budget. Our standard pricing stands at £85.00 per hour for each investigator, in addition to any other incurred expenses.

Miranda from Glastonbury

In a challenging period of my life, Somerset Private Investigations became my pillar of strength. They unveiled the painful truth about my husband’s infidelity, involving one of my closest friends. Through it all, my Case Manager, Lynn, was instrumental – from helping me find a reputable solicitor to assisting with relocating to my parents’ home for better emotional support. She even guided me in transitioning my children to a different school. Throughout this tumultuous journey, the unwavering support I received ensured I never felt isolated. When approached for this testimonial, I willingly agreed, hoping my experience might highlight their exceptional professionalism to others. Grateful to Somerset Private Investigations for aiding me in reclaiming my life and self-worth.

Take control today

Divorce and separation can cast shadows on your confidence, trust, and joy. Ready to illuminate the path forward? Reach out to us. Schedule a meeting at our Somerset office or choose a location where you feel at ease. Let’s navigate this journey together.