Legal or Litigation Investigator

Being accused of a crime you didn’t commit can be devastating.

Legal or Litigation Investigator

Have you been wrongfully accused and now face charges for a crime you didn’t commit? When the police conclude their investigation without absolving you, it may feel like there’s nowhere to turn for more evidence or to identify new witnesses. This is where Somerset Private Investigations enters the picture. Boasting a team of seasoned investigators with extensive backgrounds in both civil and military law enforcement, we’re here to champion your cause. Remember, simply knowing your innocence isn’t enough in today’s justice system. Seize the initiative and ensure you give the truth its rightful day in court.

Our fundamental approach is anchored in your innocence

We commence every investigation from a foundation of your asserted innocence. With this approach, we can often uncover investigative avenues that the initial police inquiry might have overlooked.

What do you need from me to get started?

Our initial step is to arrange a meeting with you, either at our premises or your legal counsel’s office. During this session, we’ll require a formal letter permitting us to act on your behalf. We’d also like to understand all relevant facets of your case. If possible, a copy of the preliminary disclosure that the CPS plans to present against you would be invaluable.

How long does a legal or litigation investigation take?

The time frame varies based on the intricacy of the charges and the surrounding factors. We understand that legal proceedings can be protracted; many endure long waits before even being formally charged. However, rest assured, a committed professional will be diligently handling your case for as long as it takes.

What do I receive at the end of the legal or litigation investigation?

Upon conclusion, either you or your attorney will receive a comprehensive collection of evidence. This could be fresh evidence or verified existing proof that can be leveraged for your defence. We cater to your representative’s preference, offering everything from concise verbal summaries to detailed, timestamped reports.

How much does a legal or litigation investigation cost?

Our customary charges stand at £85.00 per hour for each investigator, alongside any additional costs.

Max from Bristol

At the break of dawn, around 5:00AM, I was abruptly awoken by the police at my front door, causing distress to my children. They believed I was involved in drug trafficking and even presented a search warrant. Surprisingly, after a cursory look around the ground floor, they went directly to a concealed plastic bag beneath the sink – a bag I hadn’t hidden. Despite my protests, they charged me with intent to distribute, refusing to believe my innocence. A few days prior, a ‘friend’ had visited, behaving unusually. At the time, I assumed he was dealing with personal issues, perhaps another disagreement with his spouse. He oddly offered to make tea, which was out of character, and after a short stay, he departed, leaving me puzzled about his strange demeanour. Later, my attorney introduced me to a representative from Somerset Private Investigations. Their diligent work revealed that this ‘friend’ was a notorious cannabis dealer and, shockingly, an informant for the police, earning money for every arrest he facilitated. In a desperate bid for cash, he had chosen to betray me. Once my lawyer flagged him as a potential witness for my defence, the police promptly withdrew their charges. My deepest gratitude to Somerset Private Investigations.

Let us help you today

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