Matrimonial Investigations

Together, we unveil the truth to empower your decisions.

Matrimonial Investigations

Somerset Private Investigations is an authority in person-to-person surveillance. Whether it’s tailing someone on foot or tracking vehicle movements, our seasoned operatives hail from ex-military or police backgrounds. They’ve been meticulously trained in the nuances of this intricate tradecraft. Our team comprises both men and women who are committed to handling your case with utmost discretion, dedication, and respect.

Does the unknown undermine your self-assurance, trust, and overall well-being?

The torment of uncertainty can deeply erode one’s self-confidence, trust, and happiness. It fosters doubt and can deteriorate any relationship. By partnering with Somerset Private Investigations, you gain clarity, facts, and the power to make informed decisions. Moreover, we stand by your side, offering guidance and support, should you decide to act on the insights we provide.

What do you need from me to get started?

Our primary objective is to understand your perspective and concerns. To that end, we’d prefer an initial consultation, either at our Somerset office or a location where you feel at ease, like a café. During this discussion, you’d help us grasp the chain of events and the key individuals involved, enabling us to recommend the most effective approach to address your concerns. Typically, this consultation lasts about an hour and is complimentary.

What do I receive at the end of the matrimonial investigation?

After our discussion, you can expect a detailed tasking plan within a few days, awaiting your approval. This plan outlines our strategic approach to unearth the truth and address your concerns.

How much does a matrimonial investigation cost?

The drafted tasking plan will provide a comprehensive breakdown of anticipated hours and associated costs. Remember, we won’t proceed until we mutually agree on the plan and the budget. Our standard hourly rate is £85.00 per investigator, excluding additional expenses.

Sarah from Taunton

After grappling with painful suspicions, Somerset Private Investigations unveiled the painful truth that my husband had been disloyal, and shockingly with one of my closest friends. During this tumultuous time, my Case Manager, Lynn, was my anchor. Not only did she help me find a proficient solicitor but also connected me with a removal company to transition back to my parents’ home, bringing me closer to my support system. She even assisted with finding a suitable school for my children in this challenging phase. Throughout this ordeal, their unwavering support meant I never felt isolated. When the team reached out requesting a review, I felt compelled to share my story. It’s my heartfelt recommendation for their unparalleled professionalism. Thank you, Somerset Private Investigations, for guiding me back to a place of self-worth and stability.

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