Prenuptial Investigations

By proactively securing your assets, you can prevent financial loss, save time, and spare yourself potential heartache.

Prenuptial Investigations

At Somerset Private Investigations, we take pride in our mastery over person-to-person surveillance. Whether it’s on foot or tracking vehicle-to-vehicle, our team comprises seasoned professionals from military and police backgrounds. Trained in intricate tradecraft, our male and female operatives ensure that your case is handled with the utmost dedication, discretion, and respect.

Prevent future complications by protecting your assets today

We all enter marriage with hope and love, believing we’ve found a lifelong partner. However, the reality sometimes doesn’t align with our dreams. Safeguarding your assets now can save you time, money, emotional distress, and substantial legal fees in the future. By conducting investigations discreetly and professionally, we make sure that your significant other feels nothing but respected and cared for.

What we need to start your investigation

Our first step is to meet you. You can choose our Somerset office or a location where you feel most at ease, perhaps a local café. During this initial consultation, we’ll discuss the details surrounding your concerns. Our aim is to understand your situation fully so we can provide tailored advice and an effective plan of action. This session generally lasts about an hour, and we offer it at no charge.

Deliverables of a prenuptial investigation

Once we’ve comprehended your concerns, we draft a comprehensive tasking plan for your review. This outlines our strategy to uncover the truth and provide solutions to your concerns.

Investigation costs and considerations

Every case is unique. As part of our tasking plan, we’ll provide an estimate of the required hours and associated costs. It’s essential for us to highlight that we’ll only proceed once you’ve approved both the strategy and its budget. Our standard rate is £85.00 per hour for each investigator, with additional expenses outlined clearly.

Sheila from Yeovil

Navigating the intricacies of my trust fund, I discovered a stipulation that mandated certain conditions be met by my fiancé before we could marry, unless we had a prenuptial agreement in place. This was new terrain for me, and the revelation came just months before our wedding, brought to my attention by the family solicitor. The thought of broaching this topic with my fiancé was daunting, as I feared it might strain our relationship. Fortunately, Somerset Private Investigations intervened, ascertaining that [intentionally removed] sufficiently fulfilled the necessary conditions, thus eliminating the need for a prenuptial agreement.

Secure your future now

Why wait and risk unforeseen legal complications and costs? Safeguard your assets without delay. Reach out to us today to set up a consultation at our Somerset office or choose a location where you feel at ease.