Private Personal Security

Personalised security and close protection solutions for individuals.

Private Personal Security

Somerset Private Investigations provides personal security and close protection solutions tailored for individuals who believe their safety could be at risk. With a team that boasts seasoned ex-military professionals, we possess the expertise and capability to customise protection services just for you. Whether you require a single bodyguard for a day trip to London or a comprehensive security detail for an extended overseas journey, our versatile team is equipped to cater to your needs.

Ensuring your peace of mind is our top priority

Are you planning a business trip or holiday overseas and need asset or personal protection to meet insurance stipulations? Or perhaps you just wish to ensure the safety of your loved ones during a London shopping spree or an international outing? Our skilled, discreet, and adept operatives are here to offer you the peace of mind you rightly deserve. With extensive experience from numerous domestic and international missions, our team boasts an impressive range of expertise. Comprehensive profiles of our team members are available upon request, ensuring transparency before any assignment approval.

What initial information do you need from me?

To craft an appropriate security plan, we’ll require comprehensive details about your needs. This includes travel plans for all involved parties, specific threat-related details for an accurate risk assessment, and any other pertinent data our lead security consultant finds essential.

How long is private security usually needed?

The duration for risk evaluation largely depends on the nature of the threat and the degree of collaboration. Our primary security consultant will manage this process, maintaining constant communication with you.

What advantages does personal security offer?

Our services guarantee peace of mind concerning the safety of you and your family. For business undertakings, our protective measures help maintain asset protection insurance at manageable levels, safeguarding your investment. More importantly, it ensures the safety and security of your staff when they are on duty.

Head of Security, London Talent Agency

Geoff and his team were exceptional. Their presence was so discreet that we barely noticed them, and our client was extremely satisfied. They could interact with their fans without any sense of danger or unease. They’ve expressed a wish to have your team on board again for their global tour in spring 2024. A heartfelt thank you.

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