Proof of Cohabitation Investigations

Having accurate information is crucial for securing the justice and compensation you rightfully deserve.

Proof of Cohabitation Investigations

Somerset Private Investigations is a leader in personal surveillance, whether on foot or from one vehicle to another. All our investigators come with a strong background, being ex-military or former police, and have undergone rigorous training in this intricate field. Our team, comprised of both male and female operatives, commits to managing your case with the utmost care, professionalism, and discretion.

Empower yourself with concrete information

The crux of divorce and separation cases hinges on possessing concrete, undeniable facts. This is the foundation on which you can build your case to ensure you get the justice and settlement you rightfully deserve. By choosing Somerset Private Investigations, you’re not just getting a surveillance service. You’re getting a partner. We’ll collaborate closely with you and any legal counsel you have to provide evidence that’s admissible in court. And our support doesn’t end there; we’ll stand by you even after the investigation, guiding you on the next best steps based on our findings.

Starting the proof of cohabitation investigation

Your journey with us begins with a face-to-face meeting, either at our Somerset office or at a venue of your choice where you feel at ease, like a local café. During this session, which typically lasts about an hour (and is free of charge), we’ll ask you to provide a detailed account of the situation at hand. As you share, we’ll sift through the details, drawing out the essential elements to formulate a potential action plan.

What do I receive at the end of the proof of cohabitation investigation?

Once we’ve gathered enough from our initial meeting, we’ll spend a couple of days crafting a comprehensive tasking plan. This will be presented to you for review and approval, outlining our intended steps to uncover the truth and resolve your concerns.

How much does a proof of cohabitation investigation cost?

Included in the tasking plan is a detailed breakdown of the estimated hours required for the investigation and the corresponding costs. We ensure transparency, making certain we don’t progress without mutual agreement on the plan and the associated costs. For reference, our standard rate stands at £85.00 per hour for each investigator, excluding any additional expenses.

Sophie from Frome

With Somerset Private Investigations, I discovered my husband’s infidelity involving a close friend. My Case Manager, Lynn, was invaluable, assisting in finding a solicitor, a removal company, and even facilitating a school change for my children. Throughout this challenging time, their support was unwavering. When asked for a review, I was eager to vouch for their impeccable services. They played a pivotal role in restoring my life and self-respect.

Let us be your guide and support

Are you determined to ensure justice and a fair settlement in your favour? Want to approach the situation with confidence and clear decision-making? Reach out to us today. Schedule a meeting at our Somerset office or select a location where you feel at ease. We’re here to help.