Vehicle Tracking

We provide seamless 24/7 monitoring, offering you the best insights at all times without breaking the bank.

Vehicle Tracking

Typically recommended in conjunction with manned operations, or as a feasible alternative to direct surveillance. While there’s a plethora of efficient covert vehicle GPS trackers available for purchase, we offer a cost-effective daily rental, paired with the tech expertise to interpret the data, furnishing you with a comprehensive movement record.

Direct surveillance is key to our success

Our reliance on direct surveillance stems from its efficacy in providing irrefutable, factual evidence. Such evidence not only lets you confront the individual in question with undeniable proof but is also pivotal if you’re seeking legal recourse.

What do you need from me to get started?

Our tracking devices are discreet and unobtrusive, allowing for swift installations without alterations or damage to the vehicle. The battery life extends between 7-10 days, ideal even for extended trips. We coordinate with you to ensure the installation is at a convenient time and place. Every agent is adept at installing trackers across varied vehicle types, ensuring the device remains concealed. Our GPS tracking is typically bundled with our surveillance packages, offering you substantial savings on manual surveillance.

How soon do the trackers provide accurate data?

Our trackers, available for purchase or rent, can offer precise location data spanning 7 days to 6 months without necessitating recharging or replacement. You can opt to install the tracker or avail our services. Given their magnetic nature and waterproof casing, they can be effortlessly attached within moments.

What do I receive at the end of the tracking period?

Opting for Somerset Private Investigation’s tracking services ensures round-the-clock monitoring of the subject’s location. We deliver a detailed movement history, tailored to your preference.

What is the cost for private vehicle tracking?

Installation and Removal Fee (typically conducted overnight between 3 – 5:00 AM): £149.00 (£74.50 x 2). Subsequently, it’s £35.00/day with a minimum commitment of 4 days.

Andi from Frome

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