Will my partner will find out that I’m checking on them?

One of the main advantages of employing a private investigator instead of taking matters into your own hands is to ensure your partner remains oblivious. Trustworthy and experienced private investigators possess the requisite skills and training to sidestep such complications.

Will the person find out they are under surveillance?

The primary reason for engaging a private investigator, rather than undertaking it personally, is the assurance that the person remains unaware. Seasoned and reputable private investigators are usually well-trained and adept at circumventing such situations.

Will the person ever be made aware that they are being investigated?

After the conclusion of an investigation and the delivery of the evidential report to the client, the subsequent steps are solely at the client’s discretion. There are instances where a client might opt for inaction, and that decision is wholly respected. Your investigator will stand by any choice you make.

Could the investigation ever be traced back to me?

In certain situations, this can indeed occur. If such an outcome might pose an issue, it’s essential to convey this to the investigator during the initial discussion, as it will shape the planning and execution of the investigation.

How is contact kept confidential?

Numerous methods exist to uphold discretion between you, as the client, and your investigator. A reputable agency will undoubtedly discuss these avenues with you.

Do I need to give my full details?

Certainly. A reliable agency will, at a certain stage, require your client information. This would be an opportune moment to discuss matters pertaining to confidentiality and safeguarding client identity.