Pricing Structure

It’s important to us that you have a clear insight into the expected costs.


We recognise that every situation is distinct and personal. Making the choice to enlist the services of a private investigator can be a challenging step. To simplify this decision, we believe in offering you a clear insight into potential costs. Unlike many other agencies, we’re transparent with our pricing framework. After gaining a deeper comprehension of your circumstances, we’re more than willing to provide a customised quote.

Person-to-Person Surveillance

£85.00 per single hour (per operative) – typically each tasking would only require one operative.

  • Fully inclusive of all costs within the County of Somerset; includes mobile, static, day and night and other general costs, car fuel etc*
  • We do not charge any travel time to and from task location within the County of Somerset*
  • You get each full hour worked on the case
  • Personal Case Manager liaison
  • Block hours can be split over multiple days with a minimum of 5 hours per parcel

Pre-Paid Surveillance Packages

  • 10-hour package £750 (save £100.00)
  • 15-hour package £1125 (save £150.00)
  • 20-hour package £1300 (save £400.00)
  • 30-hour package £1950 (save £600.00) Best Value Package

You would have an individual team member as your liaison and single point of contact here at Somerset Private Investigations. They will manage your case as it progresses and provide you with regular updates during the investigation.

Vehicle Tracking GPS

Tracker Installation and Removal Fee (each installation is typically carried out overnight usually around 3 – 5:00 AM).

£149.00 (£74.50 x 2) and thereafter £35.00 per day with a minimum of 4 days.

Please Note:

  • *Where the area of operation exceeds 30 minutes normal drive time from our registered office we reserve the right to charge a nominal fee.
  • Mileage – For tasks that require our personnel to travel outside of the County of Somerset designated area mileage will be charged at £0.45p per mile.
  • Deposits – Due to the open-ended nature of a typical day we do require a working deposit of £425.00 to be paid before any operative can be tasked. Any additional expenses (for example – overnight accommodation, if required) will be listed and charged separately.

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