Cheating Partner Investigations

Are doubts about your partner’s fidelity clouding your peace of mind? Gain the clarity you deserve and steer your decisions with confidence.

Cheating Partner Investigations

Are suspicions about your partner’s loyalty weighing heavily on your mind? Gain clarity with Somerset Private Investigations.

Our expertise lies in meticulous person-to-person surveillance. Whether it’s on foot or from one vehicle trailing another, our team comprises seasoned professionals with backgrounds in the armed forces or the police force. Trained in the refined techniques of surveillance, we have both male and female agents. Every investigation into a potentially unfaithful partner is conducted with the utmost dedication, discretion, and reverence.

Does the uncertainty diminish your self-assurance and happiness?

Living with a nagging doubt about your partner’s fidelity can erode your self-confidence, trust, and overall well-being. It sows seeds of distrust and can be detrimental to any relationship. With Somerset Private Investigations by your side, you’re not alone. We provide you with factual evidence to guide your decisions, and our support extends beyond just presenting the facts.

What’s the first step?

Initially, we’ll set up a meeting — either at our Somerset office or a location of your choice where you feel at ease, say, a quiet café. This session is an opportunity for you to share the background leading up to your concerns. With our guidance, you’ll detail the facts and individuals involved. From this, we’ll map out a potential strategy to address your concerns. Expect this conversation to last about an hour — and rest assured, there’s no charge.

What can you expect at the conclusion of the investigation?

Upon our initial meeting, and usually within a few days, we’ll draft a tasking plan tailored to your situation and await your approval. This blueprint outlines our proposed steps to unveil the truth and provide you with the closure you seek.

Concerned about costs?

In the draft plan, you’ll find a transparent breakdown of estimated hours and associated costs. We won’t proceed without your consent on both the plan and its budget. For reference, our standard rate is £85.00 per hour for each investigator, with additional expenses as needed.

Kate from Bristol

To put it briefly, Somerset Private Investigations was instrumental in revealing the painful truth about my husband’s infidelity — and the involvement of someone I considered a close friend. During this turbulent period, my Case Manager, Lynn, was my anchor. Not only did she guide me to a reputable solicitor, but she also connected me with a reliable removal company, easing my transition back to my parents’ home and closer to the support I desperately needed. Lynn even assisted in finding a new school for my children. Through every step of this harrowing journey, I felt a constant sense of support. When the team reached out for a testimonial, I eagerly agreed, hoping to express my deep gratitude and to vouch for their unparalleled professionalism. Thanks to Somerset Private Investigations, I’ve regained not just my life but also my self-worth.


Take the first step forward

The weight of uncertainty can erode your self-assurance, trust, and overall well-being. Ready to regain control and clarity in your life? Reach out to us today. We’re here to meet at our Somerset office or at a location where you feel at ease, ensuring every step is on your terms.