Premarital Investigations

Ensure the one you cherish is genuine in their intentions and true to their word.

Premarital Investigations

Somerset Private Investigations is a leader in personal surveillance, whether on foot or from vehicle to vehicle. Boasting a team of either ex-military or ex-police professionals, we are adept in the specialised art of surveillance. Both male and female operatives are at your service, ensuring your case is handled with the utmost discretion, dedication, and respect.

Act now and save yourself future heartache

All of us, deep down, yearn to find our life partner when we decide to tie the knot. However, statistics paint a less rosy picture. It’s prudent to act now, safeguarding your future from potential emotional turmoil and steep legal costs. Ensure that your beloved truly is who they claim to be before taking the plunge. With Somerset Private Investigations’ discreet and professional premarital checks, you can either choose to keep the findings to yourself or share them. If you opt for the latter, it’s done so respectfully, ensuring your partner feels valued and respected.

What do we need to kickstart the process?

Your journey with us begins with a face-to-face meeting, either at our Somerset office or another location of your choice, like a café. Here, we’ll delve into the specifics of your situation and your concerns. Drawing on your account, we’ll then chalk out a potential roadmap to address your worries. This preliminary consultation, which usually lasts about an hour, comes at no charge.

What do I receive at the end of the premarital investigation?

Once we’ve met and discussed your concerns, expect a detailed plan of action within a few days. This plan outlines our proposed steps to uncover the truth and address your concerns.

How much does a premarital investigation cost?

Our draft plan will provide an estimated tally of hours and associated costs. We value transparency and won’t proceed without your nod. For our services, we charge a standard rate of £85.00 per hour for each investigator, along with any additional expenses.

Debbie from Bridgwater

My trust fund came with certain stipulations, one of which was particularly concerning: unless my fiancé fulfilled specific requirements, our marriage could only go forward with a prenuptial agreement in place. This was an unexpected revelation that hit me just a few months before our big day when my family’s lawyer briefed me on the clause. The prospect of broaching this subject with my fiancé was daunting, and I feared it might strain our relationship. Fortunately, Somerset Private Investigations stepped in and were able to confirm that my fiancé met the necessary conditions, rendering the prenuptial agreement unnecessary.

Take the first step today

Wish to be certain that when you say “I do”, it’s to the right person for a lifetime? Reach out to us now. Let’s discuss your concerns either at our Somerset office or at a location where you feel most at ease.