What areas do you cover?

As our name suggests geographically we cover the county of Somerset with its towns and cities connected, in the west of the county, via the north / south running M5 motorway such as Bristol, Bath, Taunton, Wellington, Glastonbury, Bridgwater and Weston-super-Mare. But we can’t forget that Somerset is predominantly a very rural county and before […]

What do private investigators do?

Private investigators assist clients in uncovering the reality and addressing the challenges they’re facing. Their expertise covers a broad spectrum, with specific agencies focusing on areas like matrimonial issues, fraud, or forensic accounting. At Somerset Private Investigations, for instance, we have a forte in matrimonial/spousal probes, assembling commercial evidence, tracking assets and vehicles, and collecting […]

What do private investigators investigate?

From the mundane to the intricate, private investigators aid clients in uncovering the truth and addressing their specific concerns. The spectrum of issues they can delve into is vast, with certain agencies focusing on niche sectors like matrimonial affairs, fraud, or forensic accounting. For instance, at Somerset Private Investigations, our expertise lies in matrimonial/spousal inquiries, […]

What can a private investigator find out in the UK?

A trustworthy private investigative agency can uncover almost any detail, provided it’s sourced from ‘open information’ and doesn’t violate UK legislation either in its pursuit or disclosure. Details protected under the Official Secrets Act serve as a prime example.

I need to trace someone what information will the investigator need?

To track someone down, the detective you engage might require details like current and past addresses, known names or nicknames, date of birth, prior and present places of employment, and possibly even social media credentials, if available. Your level of disclosure is your decision, but the more comprehensive the information you provide, the smoother the […]

How long does it take?

It’s like asking the length of a piece of string. The duration is contingent upon the intricacy of the situation and the allocated resources (and budget).

How do you find people?

Our investigators are not just skilled in finding leads; they are also experts in human psychology and behaviour. They know how to ask the right questions in the right way, and more importantly, how to interpret responses. By carefully analysing verbal and non-verbal cues, our agents can often uncover the truth, even when someone may […]

What information do you need?

A trustworthy agency will only request the information essential for the task at hand. While the extent of details you share with your investigator is your choice, being forthcoming can increase the likelihood of a successful outcome. The information required varies based on the task’s specifics. The investigator aims to grasp the context of the […]

How soon can you start?

Many agencies are equipped to respond promptly when needed. However, it’s wise to heed the saying, “hurry now, regret later.” While there are situations that demand immediate action, it’s generally advisable to have a well-thought-out plan (endorsed by the client) before deploying any on-the-ground activities.

What hours do you work?

Private Investigators operate based on the task schedule agreed upon with the client, implying that their working hours can be quite varied. Flexibility is key when they’re conducting fieldwork. However, for administrative tasks, they typically maintain conventional office hours from Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm.