How do you become a private investigator?

To become a private investigator, there are no official qualifications or certified training schools that one must attend. What really counts and is often invaluable in this profession is hands-on experience. This experience is frequently gained from prior careers in fields like policing or the military, where the skill sets align closely with the demands […]

What do you need to become an international private investigator?

To be an international private investigator, while it might sound glamorous to have a private jet and a suave name like Brock Hunter, the truth is far from such cinematic depictions. In fact, in the majority of scenarios, a private investigator would rarely need to personally travel overseas. Doing so would be an unnecessary strain […]

What is it like being a private investigator?

A career as a private investigator demands a unique blend of skills and attributes. Being innately curious, adept at solving puzzles, and possessing a genuine desire to assist others are all vital traits for success in this field. This job often entails unpredictable hours and situations that require adaptability and perseverance. Therefore, if you’re someone […]

What qualifications do you need to be a private investigator?

To embark on a career as a private investigator, there aren’t any mandatory qualifications or certificates that one must obtain. Nevertheless, having practical experience can significantly enhance your competence in this field. Experience often comes from previous roles in sectors such as the police force or the military, where the skills acquired closely align with […]

What GCSE do you need to be a private investigator UK?

Becoming a private investigator does not necessitate specific academic qualifications, but certain experiences and backgrounds can significantly enhance your suitability and proficiency in the role. Experience, particularly from fields like law enforcement or the military, equips individuals with critical skills like surveillance, evidence collection, and knowledge of the legal landscape. At Somerset Private Investigations, we […]