What is a private investigator allowed to do?

Certainly, a private investigator operates under the same laws and constraints as any other UK citizen. They don’t have special permissions or rights. The primary distinction is in their expertise and training. While you might be able to go to the same places or access the same information, a private investigator has honed their skills […]

What do private investigators have access to?

A private investigator possesses the same rights to access locations or information as any other UK citizen. They don’t have additional rights or privileges. The distinction lies in their skill set and experience. For instance, while Open Source information is accessible to everyone, it often requires expertise to effectively navigate and extract the relevant details […]

Can private investigators follow you?

Certainly, the straightforward answer is yes. A private investigator can tail you provided they remain off private premises without obtaining the consent of the property owner.

Can a private investigator get text messages?

Contrary to assertions made by some questionable agencies on the internet, a private investigator lacks the capability to infiltrate and subsequently retrieve data, such as texts or messages, from contemporary smartphones. Highlighting this point, a notable instance from a recent anti-terrorism probe in the USA saw the FBI necessitated to obtain a judicial mandate, compelling […]

Can a private investigator tap your phone?

Accessing and recording landline communications can be accomplished, provided the investigator obtains consent from the account holder. In situations without this permission, recording instruments can be situated close to the landline, allowing at least one side of the dialogue to be captured. Conversely, the intricacies of modern-day smartphones render them virtually impervious to eavesdropping or […]

Can private investigators get video footage?

Tapping into social media accounts is an intriguing topic. Many are under the assumption that their online activities remain secure, especially when accessed from a safe environment like a workplace, or from devices that are password-protected. However, a common oversight, especially with social media, is that not all of your connections – take a friend, […]

Can a UK private investigator get text messages?

Contrary to some dubious claims on the internet, a private investigator cannot breach and access information, be it texts or other messages, on contemporary smartphones. A notable case in the USA saw the FBI needing a court order to compel a phone manufacturer to unlock a suspect’s device for information access. Today’s smartphones employ advanced […]